Two countries, two mothers and two fathers

Two countries, two mothers and two fathers

By: Jennifer Schuurmans

I am writing this story for the children of CRAN. It is a part of my story that I want to share with them.

My sister and I were 10 days old when we arrived at CRAN. I will write in the first person because this is my experience and my story. Maybe my sister has had a different experience and would write this story in a different way.

My biological mother could not look after us. She had had a child before us, our half-sister, and she was able to take her to the house where she worked, but herfoto página web 1 boss, the woman owner of the house where she worked, told her that she could not bring more children to her house

I was born in a hospital, and I was there for 10 days. After that my biological mother took my sister and I to another hospital so I never lived with her. While I lived in CRAN they took very good care of me. I went with a substitute mother; her name is Clara. She looked after me all that time. I am very thankful to her, since I could not take care of myself because I was so small, and when someone looks after you that makes it very special.

When I was one and a half years old I was adopted by a Dutch couple. They really wanted to have children, and they found me and my sister. They were very thankful to be able to adopt children, and even more to get twins.

The four of us returned to Holland very happily.  And they have taken care of me ever since then. They are my real mother and father. Not my biological parents, by they feel like my parents since I never meet my biological parents. I am very thankful that I had that opportunity, because I see it that way, and opportunity to grow up in a country
different from the country where I was born. I remember that people looked at my because I have a different skin colour. They found it beautiful, because my parents are white people. In Holland people are white, crazy eh? I explain that I was born somewhere else but that my parents are Dutch.

When I was 4 years old I went to school. I loved school. You make new friends and learn lots of things. I went to school until I was 20.

foto página web 2When I was 16 my sister wanted to find our biological family. Why? Because she was curious to know where we came from. In the year 2006 we went together, as a family, to Colombia to visit our biological family. It was a positive experience, and I have to say that I was impressed with the country. It is very different from Holland. I believe that is very special to have the opportunity to live in two countries: Colombia and Holland, and to have two fathers and two mothers. In Holland I am a nurse, and I worked in a hospital as well as a home visiting nurse. I am glad I was able to finish my studies.

Now I am in Colombia and I am a volunteer. Now I can look after you. It is extraordinary that I am back after so many years. This is the place where my life started, and I can also live in Holland. And now that I am grown up I have a lot of possibilities to do a lot of things, like traveling.

I am vey happy to be able to share my story with you, and I hope you will remember me. I have you all in my heart.