Training for happiness

If we understand happiness as a journey and not as a distant goal to reach, we realize that it is entirely possible to be happy and this happiness depends only on us and our worldview. It is entirely logic that if happiness should become a major commitment to our individual development, then it must also be in our children’s education. For that reason, this paper purpose is to make a reflection on the priorities we have in dealing with raising a child.

Anyone would think that raising a happy child is to spoil him, give everything he needs and allow them to develop “freely”, but happiness is beyond the elemental emotionality of the moment; it’s more about the path by which I supply my children the necessary tools to meet properly life challenges. Find our children’s happiness is not crowed them with gifts trying to make up the time we didn’t spend with them, instead is devote sufficient time to know them, share their interests and create a reliable atmosphere in which the child understands the understanding and empathy by example.

A smiling child it’s not always a happy child, it is the one who is able to tolerate frustrations, find new goals and struggle to reach them. The one who understand that not everything is given, the limits exist and go beyond the standards transferring the road to respect for it self and the other, the will and autonomy. Ultimately if we are in a difficult moment we have to think first about what the usefulness of the discussion is, how my attitude could impact my child and how I can turn challenges into opportunities for positive change and personal growth.

Now all this is achieved only through example, reflection of our own attitudes to life circumstances and taking advantage of every little moment, making it the most important lesson, one that our children will always remember. So as parents, our mission is to give our children the best of ourselves and thereby give them the tools to ensure their happiness. It is clear then that as we grow in our role as parents, we also grow as individuals and therefore almost surely end up ourselves walking along the road to happiness.

Francy Milena Ladino