The trip of my life

LilianBy: Lilian 

I was born the 21th of february 1987. By then my biological mother could’t take care of me because her life was really tough. Because of several circumstances she dicided to give me up for adoption. She wanted to give me a better life than she could offer me at that moment. She heard of CRAN and contacted the foundation to start the process.

For three months I stayed in Colombia with my foster mother and in may 1987 my Dutch parents came to the country to pick me up. Together we went to Holland.

I have a great, good life in Holland. I have a lot of friends and a great family. We are a family of four; my dad Joop, my mother Hennie and my sister Simone. I studied marketing and at this moment I work for Ziggo, a company that services television, internet and telephone. It is similar to Claro or Movistar in Colombia.

I always have known I have been adopted. When I was a little girl my parents talked about it with me. For a long time I was not interested in knowing who was my biological mother or what my birth country was like. But after getting older I got more curious and decided to search for my family.

I hoped and waited and after two months I received the message from the organisation that helped me with the search that they found my mother. This was a very emotional moment for me. My life would never be the same.

In Colombia I have a mother and a sister. My sister is three years older than me. The first time I saw my family was on Skype. With help from google translate I was able to talk to my mother and sister. I couldn’t believe it really was happening. I was talking with my family on the other side of the world! It was a great, unbelieveble experience.

In october 2009 I traveled trough South America with a friend. We visited Colombia but at that time I didn’t knew my family .

In December last year I visited the country for the second time but it would be the first time i would meet my family. My mother Martha and my sister Carolina. I had a lot of questions for the two of them.

The first time I met my family a translater joined us. I was really happy about that because without a translater, communicate with each other wouldn’t be possible. The days after I had to do it on my own. No translator and no google. The first three weeks were very hard for me. My mother and sister don’t speak English and my Spanish was less than basic.

We did a lot of things together; We visited family, friends, had dinner together, went shopping and visited the touristic highlights of the city. For me this was the best way to get to know my mother and sister.

I spent 10 weeks in Colombia. Three weeks I traveled around the country alone and 7 weeks I spent time with my biological family. After several weeks of intensive practice and experience I can talk to the people in this great country. The county I will always return to when I have the opportunity.

Besides to get to know my biological family I also wanted to know what the CRAN foundation does. CRAN took care of me from the moment I was born till the moment my Dutch family came to Colombia. I’m very thankful for everything they did for me and therefore it was really important to visit the foundation. I spent time at the foundation and I had the opportunity to meet my foster mother Clara. Meeting her was the final thing I wanted this journey. She had taken care of me the first three months of my life. It was a great and emotional moment for the both of us. I never will forget it. I also never will forget the way the people at CRAN work, it’s with a lot of dedication and love. It are people with a good heart. I’m very happy to be part of the CRAN family.