Activity Description Minimum requirements
Locative repairs Maintenance of where children’s live
  • Groups from 10 people
  • Provision of pre-programmng inputs
  • Weekend executing
School reinforcing Homework support
  • Group or individual
  • Monday to Friday (Morning)
Free classes * Languages: English and french
* Music
* Art
* Dance
* Yoga
* Sports
  • Group or individual
  • Monday to Friday (morning)
  • Saturday morning
Recreation * The story hour
* Play with me
  • Groupal or individual
  • Monday to Friday (morning)Saturday morning
Special pedagogical projects * My orchard
* We care for our planet: recycling
  • According to the project design
  • Provision of inputs required
  • Saturday morning at least for two months
Professional activities * Video and photographers directors
* Text’s translators
* Therapists: speech therapists, occupational therapy, physical and respiratory therapy, etc.
* Nursing special education
* Medical appointments companions
* Administrative and strategic internal projects
Scheduling and cases assignations

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