We invite you to be part of the “Friends of CRAN” as volunteer.  Join bringing your time to develop the following activities:

Promoting our cause

  • Spread our materials: brochures and donor material
  • Invite a friend to know the foundation
  • Send your friends e-mail of the Foundation.
  • Make CRAN your home page
  • Select I like CRAN (Facebook) and share with your friends
  • Present our campaigns in companies and schools

Contact us: [email protected]

Join CRAN`s activities

Activity  Description Minimum requirements 
Locative repairs Maintenance of  where children’s live
  • Groups from 10 people
  • Provision of pre-programmng inputs
  • Weekend executing
 School reinforcing Homework support
  • Group or individual
  • Monday to Friday (Morning)
Free classes * Languages: English and french
* Music
* Art
* Dance
* Yoga
* Sports
  • Group or individual
  • Monday to Friday (morning)
  • Saturday morning
Recreation * The story hour
* Play with me
  • Groupal or individual
  • Monday to Friday (morning)Saturday morning
Special pedagogical projects * My orchard
* We care for our planet: recycling
  • According to the project design
  • Provision of inputs required
  • Saturday morning at least for two months
Professional activities  * Video and photographers directors
* Text’s translators
* Therapists: speech therapists, occupational therapy, physical and respiratory therapy, etc.
* Nursing special education
* Medical appointments companions
* Administrative and strategic internal projects
 Scheduling and cases assignations

Contact us: [email protected]

Your support strengthen us

We invite you to support our work through one or more of the following options:

Solidarity shop

Acquiring any of our products, you make possible the children right’s:

  • Gift card
  • Condolence bonus
  • Christmas cards
  • CRAN´s souvenirs


Attending the Foundations events you promote:

  • Dreams bazaar in September
  • Christmas Concert in December.
  • Other events.  Also you can join us in the events scheduled throughout the year according to our schedule (include box).

Heritages and legacy

Donating some contribution to our organization, you are going to be remembered leaving your mark in behalf of early childhood.

Contact us: [email protected]