Social inclusion – Foster homes

Under this initiative we accept children, adolescents and youth that have come out of armed groups organized outside the law in different areas of the country. In Bogota they live with in a foster home that provides them with an environment of care and protection that will allow them to re-establish their rights.

These children, adolescents and youth (as well as their foster families) can count with an interdisciplinary technical team in the areas of psychology, social work, nutrition and occupational therapy that supports them and follows them up throughout the process with two main purposes: that they can rebuild their formal and informal links with society, and that they find a new meaning to their experience so that, strengthened, they can retake the control of their life.

Currently we have space for 62 children, adolescents and youth allocated with 30 foster homes. Most of the beneficiaries of this program are between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age.