Conflict with your pregnancy?

    When can I join the program?

    From the fifth month of pregnancy.

    What kind of services do you provide?

    Accommodation, food and psychological, social work and nutrition support.

    How much does it cost being in the program?

    The program is free.

    Who knows I am join the program?

    The process is done respecting the privacy of the user. However, the law requires the report to the ICBF participation in the program.

    Since what age can I join the program?

    From 18 years

    Which requirements must I have to join in the program?

    Be of age.

    If I am not in Bogotá, can I join the program?

    Yes, the program receives women from all the country.

    Interested in adopting?

    Which requirements must I have to join the program?

    Law requirements and technical guidelines of ICBF. See more (link)

    Can I choose my child?

    No. The process seeks suitable family for the child, his rights prevail.

    How much does the process cost?

    The cost is related to services provided in the process, such as workshops, assessments, judgments, administrative and monitoring of it. See more (link)

    Can I have contact with my child birth family?

    No, Colombian law establishes that biological family loses legal rights over their children with the adoption process.

    What can I know about my child?

    All information has been collected during the process of restoring the child rights.

    If I have biological children, can I still adopt?


    How long is the process length?

    The suitability of the family is settled in seven months. On average, eight months in the waiting list after the family acceptance. See more (link)

    Can I change my child’s name?

    Yes, until three years old

    Can single people apply?