“Everything in CRAN is a valuable lesson”

One afternoon, someone very important to me asked me how have I felt during the time that I have worked at CRAN. My answer was:

I am very happy that I left the idea of working for the foundation catch my interest. The emotional context of our work is incredible, it feels you up with energy, even in the days that you haven’t had a good day. Every day, to get to my office, I have to “go through” those kids that welcome you with hugs, gifts and their incredible laugh that makes you smile any time. Some of them call me “Joche”, and because of that my co-workers started to call me the same. I have to confess that I love the nickname, because it brings out my inner child, and as a result I can connect automatically with the little ones.

Being listened to as a professional and as a person is another of the gifts that I have received at CRAN. They listen to my crazy ideas, and my proposals don’t die with a “interesting” or “we’ll think about it”. On the contrary, they stay alive and get stronger with a “keep going, we’ll support you in whatever you need”. I love to feel valued as a professional, and feel that I am doing what I studied to do.

Working with the adoptive parents has been a real challenge, where I have found my limitations but also my creativity, and this mix has provided me with a great opportunity for growth, both, personally and professionally. Nothing happens in CRAN that does not leaves you with a valuable lesson.

Sometimes the children have tested me, they have forced me to connect with parts of me that I did not know, they have brought out master tears and powerful smiles. They have given me sentences that are now written in my personal diary, and they have made me live stories that are in my hall of fame alongside my favorite anecdotes.

I thank CRAN for have given me the opportunity to find out what I am made of.

José Alonso Peña Herrera

CRAN’s Psychologist