Do you got me a new family?

Will there be a new family for me? Does anyone want to take me and have me as their child? Other children are gone with new parents, when I will go? How many documents are missing for me to go? Do they love me? What if I do something they don’t like? I know I should behave, because if I’m not, can they return me? Do they hit me if I’m wrong?

These are some questions and concerns that may arise in children 3 to 8 years old, who are awaiting adoption. Eagerly await the arrival of the photo album, which usually indicates a family that wants to adopt. Some children dream of being close to their friends in Canada, USA, France or Sweden. Others simply want to have a home to support them through difficult times and encourage them to move forward with respect, love and acceptance.

The arrival of the first pictures of their new family, opens the door to make real their dream, they identify that some family actually allows them to settle in the place of loved and wanted children. As they turn the pages of the album that the adoptive parents make, children identify people they as father, mother, aunt, grandparent, identify their room, the layout of the house. It’s exciting for us to share this amazing process with love and hope, the children show the album to their caregivers, friends, adults who are significant, and share what they hope will be their new life. All of us excited wish them well, and we will be there in every step of the process.

Then, step by step boys and girls drawn to his new family, taking care to cover everyone including themselves, pets also are part of it. We create a photo montage of her new family that has a specific last name so the child takes the new family last name. Each child is now named itself with the new last name, an event that arouses a smile on their faces, a look that reflects safety and many possibilities for the future and an attitude which makes them empowered to have overcome the difficult and painful past.

Building the new family bond is a gradually process. Web cam meetings are touching: fathers, mothers and children seeking to identify those sharing aspects, common activities they could enjoy together, the desire to be mutually accepted, the anxiety of knowing someone who has been loved and desired for so long, and the thrill and excitement of recognize each other as “my” child or “my” mom or “my” dad.

It is important to be noted that adoptive parents have been previously targeted and orientated in this process of transformation of a child’s life. Finally the special day comes when parents and child can meet in person, hug and kiss each other In the excitement and tears of happiness, together start the new life, full of enriching experiences that will make them better people every day, in which they will build the home everyone have dream of for so long.

I am thankful with all the children who allowed me be with them in this significant process of their lives; thanks to their new families that have been in this love and mutual growth path.

Sandra E. Trujillo Penagos

Psychologist CRAN