CRAN, creating a loving and caring environment for our children and adolescents!

The CRAN Foundation (Center for the Reintegration and Attention of the Child) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that children and adolescents grow up in a family and social loving and caring environment that allows them to fully exercise their rights and be happy.

Our working concept is the total protection, which we approach in three areas: reestablishment and guaranty of rights, social inclusion and prevention.

Regarding the first of these areas, we work towards providing the necessary conditions of care and love to the children and adolescents that are under a temporary protection, so that they can re-establish the rights that are in danger of or have been denied to them, particularly the right to have a caring and loving family.

In the area of social inclusion, we receive the children, adolescents and youth that have come out of the Colombian armed conflict to help them rebuild their links with society and rejoin that society as citizens.

Regarding prevention, in CRAN we strongly believe in the family as the natural environment for the development of children and adolescents; that is why we work with the adults, whose responsibility is to ensure the effective exercise of the rights of children and adolescents.