The 6 best years of our lives

By: Claudia Caballero

July 16 marks the sixth year of this road we started travelling together. Dani, thanks for being you, thank you for your immense love, for what you teach me daily and for the privilege of loving you. The best decision of my life has been to be your mum from the heart, proudly so, Dani’s mom from the heart. That first day and for many days you kept on asking “do you like me?” and the answer then and until my last day will always be “I don’t like you, I love you, I adore you, you are the most important”. I congratulate myself for having you as my son. Thank you CRAN for that wonderful gift, for the adventure of being Dani’s mom, for his smiles for those he brings to my face, for the mutual love, for the tears of love and even for all the others and even for the challenges. We are very happy.